How long is cole in charmed?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Cole comes into charmed at the beginning of season and then he dies many times but always comes back. He die for real in season 5. he does come back for one or two eps but that's it

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Q: How long is cole in charmed?
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Who plays Cole in Charmed?

Julian McMahon plays Cole Turner in Charmed. Xx forevercharmed he does a

Does phoebe from charmed get married?

Phoebe from Charmed was married to Cole in the series.

Charmed cole demon name?


When is Cole in charmed?

Cole, aka Julian McMahon, is in charmed season 3-5 and one episode of season seven titled "The Seven Year Witch"

In charmed when do cole and pheobe start dating?

season three

Who plays the cole on the tv series Charmed?

Julian Mcmahon

Are Cole and Phoebe from charmed really married?

Of course not, silly

What episode of charmed does prue and cole kiss?

There isn't an episode where Prue & Cole kiss. Prue is basically repulsed by Cole & Cole & Phoebe are madly in love.

What episode of charmed season 3 does cole coedroomme backvin through the tv in phoebes bedroom?

Why Did Charmed In? Is It Coming Back? Does Alyssa,Holly,And Rose Keep In Touch Does Alyssa And Rose Have Kids/Married? Did Holly Really Marry Charmed Husband Leo? Why Did Julian/Cole Quite Charmed? I Want Alyssa Rose And Holly To Do Another Movie Together it does not have to be charmed i love charmed its awesome

What are the ratings and certificates for Charmed - 1998 Black as Cole 4-8?

Charmed - 1998 Black as Cole 4-8 is rated/received certificates of: Hungary:12 Mexico:B USA:TV-PG

Has prue ever kissed cole on charmed?

No. Prue never trusted or liked Cole and she made that point known.

In what episode of charmed is cole killed?

Cole stirbt nicht er ist nur gefangen in einer Zwischenwelt