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In most states an insurer has up to 60 days to accept or deny a claim.


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Q: How long does an insurance company have to accept or deny a claim?
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How long for auto insurance company to accept or deny a claim?

In most states in the U.S. An insurer has up to 60 days in which to investigate a loss and accept or deny a claim

Can you get auto insurance in NJ if you live in ny?

not legally, if they find out your address is wrong the insurance company can deny a claim

Can the insurance company deny your claim for stolen vehicle if the car payments are behind?

No, that wouldn't be a reason for claim denial. It may be a reason for them to investigate you for insurance fraud.

Can your insurance company deny a claim if your registered address with the insurance company is in one city but you recently moved and live in another city?

Yes, they can deny a claim. Check your policy for any reference to change of address or location. If you failed to meet the requirements (notification within a certain number of days of moving) they could consider you in violation of the policy and deny the claim.

For what reasons can an auto insurance company deny a claim?

An auto insurance company can deny your claim if you haven't had your license for at least 18 months. or if the car has been sitting up (not running) for a while. they will need receipts from the repair man saying that the problem has just been fixed.

Can a insurance company not pay the claim on a auto accident and the passenger died?

There are legitimate reasons why an insurance company would deny a claim. If you were in the accident as the result of an illegal act for instance, you had no license or a suspended license, etc.

Can the insurance company deny a claim on a group life insurance policy held for 10 years if your mom died from an accidental overdose of her prescription methadone?

If the policy was current, and the attending physician's opinion is that it was an accident then no they cannot deny the claim on those grounds.

Can you change car insurance companies while a claim is still being settled?

Yes. You can change at any time. The insurance company cannot deny the claim because you changed companies.

If someone's tire comes off and strikes our vehicle how can their insurance company deny our claim?

That is considered a road hazard but you should contact your insurance company to find out if anything can be done.

Why drop an auto insurance claim?

Once you submit an auto insurance claim can your provider deny it?

What happened if you are owner of the car and insurance is on name of previous owner then can you claim insurance?

The insurance company, once things get sorted out, will probably deny your claim. On top of that, the previous owner screwed themselves, because their insurance will go up.

Where can a person find out more information regarding the adjudication process?

Online at Wisegeek, there is ample information regarding the adjudication process. Adjudication is the process by which an insurance company manages a claim. The insurance company will either pay the claim or deny it.