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Q: How long do germs live on the skin?
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What does skin do in the immune system?

The skin is the bodies first barrier to germs. It keeps out harmful germs and bacteria. As long as the germs don't penetrate the skin, they don't cause harm.

Where do germs live on the skin?

This is easy they can live anywhere warm and moist

How long can germs live in a cats mouth?

Indefinitely. Though individual germs may die, the collective colonies will live on!

Is it safe to eat skin?

No because you have germs on your skin and you can get sick if you inhale or "eat" the Germs or bacteria

How long do germs live on inanimate objects?

up to six hours.

What layer of skin on your body do germs lay on?

The "epidermis". "epi" means "outer" and "dermis" is "skin" The germs would be on the surface of your skin.

How chlorine helps water to be free from germs?

It's a poison. Most people can tolerate a low concentration of that poison on their skin. But germs cannot easily live in chlorinated water.

Can you spread germs by breathing?

Yes you can. Some germs can survive in the microscopic water droplets that are propelled out of the nose or mouth when we breathe, therefore spreading the germs. How long the germs live is dependant on what the virus is, however.

How long do germs live in the air?

Germs can stay alive in air for up to 48 hours after leaving an infected person or animal. Some germs can live up to a week on surfaces they infect. It is best to keep hands washed, and surfaces sterile to kill germs.

What would germs do to the body if we had no skin?

The body is under constant attack by germs. Luckily thanks to the protective nature of our skin, germs cannot attack the bodily too easily. Without skin, germs would ultimately plague and take over the body as a result.

Do germs live on your eye?

Germs live everywhere - including your eye.

Are skin germs on Jordan?