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Yes you can. Some germs can survive in the microscopic water droplets that are propelled out of the nose or mouth when we breathe, therefore spreading the germs. How long the germs live is dependant on what the virus is, however.

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Q: Can you spread germs by breathing?
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Germs spread by kissing?

Yes, germs can be spread by kissing by pretty much doing anything, breathing, touching, sneezing,, talking..

Can teddy bears spread germs?

Everything spreads germs ''Yes'' they spread germs.

Can germs spread?

Germs spread by any way. By air water and humans and animals. Many Germs can spread by touching the face or hands.

How does bacteria spread?

Mostly from not washing your hands frequently enough. All we have to do is touch something that is infected, then touch food that is placed into our mouths ... bingo ... infected with germs. Germs can also enter the body through cuts, by breathing, or by food that has bacteria. Its not necessary for your hands to have disease and only then can the germ enter.

Besides mosquitoes what are three other ways that diseases can spread?

One way they can be spread of by touching germs and then putting your hands in your mouth. Others way can include breathing on someone or by other parasites.

Can you give your kids strep throat just by holding them?

yes you can ...strep is passed on by bacteria which can be spread from germs on hands or even breathing near the other person

What are some of the ways that germs can be spread from person to person?

Germs can be spread in many ways from person to person. Physical contact such as handshakes or hugging can lead to the spread of germs. Drinking after another person can also lead to the spread of germs. It is best to avoid contact with individuals who are sick.

How do vectors spread germs?

Vectors are the transportation means of germs.

Where does disease spread?

By germs

How many germs on average are spread from person to person a day?

alot of germs are spread and that's skillious dude

Do germs spread slowly?

Depends on the germs and the atmosphere. Ie. Temparture

How do germs not get into your body?

they be in the air but it matter if your not breathing aero