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Q: How long can you go without bathing?
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How long should you go without bathing?

you can go your hole life without bathing but you should go maximum every week or 2

How long did Actaeon go without speaking?

Only a few minutes after Actaeon was turned into a stag by Artemis to keep him from telling people that he had seen the goddess bathing, he was torn to pieces by his own hounds.

How long can rats go without food?

they can go pretty long without food but not to long without water

How does the bathing suit song go sung by Opal on the show Toot and Puddle?

Bathing suit, O Bathing Suit. You always hide my bad parts. Bathing suit, O Bathing Suit, When I swim I fart. Toot Toot Puddle, Bathing Suit.

How do you get a bathing suit on club penguin?

First you have to go to the gift shop then click on the bathing suit you want. then go to your inventory and click on it then exit out and you will have a siut!

How long can you go without water in the Sahara?

not long

How long can tutles go without eating?

how long can a tutle go with out eating

Can you die from sun bathing?

Yes if you are sun bathing for a long time you can become sun burned and if this happens enough your chances of skin cancer increase. Definitely if you are bathing on the sun.

How long can a puma go without eating?

long periods

What do some people refuse to go swimming without?

bathing suit sunscreen googles float/inner tube life vest/floaties a friend swim cap

Why would one want to go bathing with an ape?

One might go bathing with an ape because they are bored with their ordinary, non-extraordinary lives. Bathing with an ape is sure to be a non-cliche habit that could be fun, weird, or extremely awkward.

How long can a snake go without eatting?

my corn snake is about 3-4 feet long and can go about 2-3 weeks without eating