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how long can a tutle go with out eating

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Q: How long can tutles go without eating?
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How long can a wolf go without eating?

A wolf spider can go without eating for about 120 to 130 years.

How long can a puma go without eating?

long periods

How long can mouse go without eating?


How long can ared earedslider go without eating?

In the wild, during brumation, which is similar to hibernation, a red eared slider turtle can go for several weeks or even months without eating. In captivity however, it is unhealthy for a turtle to go this long without eating.

How long can the bandicoot go without eating?

one week

How long can the whale go without eating?

6 months

how long can a cat go without eating?

5 days

How long can a blue belly go without eating?

60 days

How long can lions go without eating?

4-5 days

How long can a snake go without eatting?

my corn snake is about 3-4 feet long and can go about 2-3 weeks without eating

How long can a pink toe gayana go without eating?

The Pink Toe Gayana can last about 0ne - Three days without eating.

How long can a tiger tail seahorse go without eating?

About 2 weeks