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Indefinitely. Though individual germs may die, the collective colonies will live on!

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Q: How long can germs live in a cats mouth?
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Can you spread germs by breathing?

Yes you can. Some germs can survive in the microscopic water droplets that are propelled out of the nose or mouth when we breathe, therefore spreading the germs. How long the germs live is dependant on what the virus is, however.

How long can germs live in a dogs mouth?

You could try searching online, but I wouldn't necessarily trust the answers unless it was a reputable source. The canine mouth has a varied population of bacteria ranging from Staphylococcusand Streptococcus to Pasturella species; most of these are not pathogens to either the dog or to humans so some people don't consider them "germs".

How long can germs live?

Germs can live outside of body for a few seconds to 48 hours.(2 days)

How long can Andean cats live?

how long does an andean cat live for

How far do germs travel when you Cough without covering your mouth?

As long as three elephants end to end!

How long do germs live on inanimate objects?

up to six hours.

How long do germs live in the air?

Germs can stay alive in air for up to 48 hours after leaving an infected person or animal. Some germs can live up to a week on surfaces they infect. It is best to keep hands washed, and surfaces sterile to kill germs.

How long do cats live in people years?

Cats can live up to 20 years in Human years

How long do saber-toothed cats live?

saber tooth cats can live up to about 10,000 years!

Who made cats only live up to 19 years?

God made cats and he decided how long they live.

How long do Siamese cats live?

On average Siamese cats live for between 15 and 20 years.

How long do cats with rabies live?

5 days