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Q: How does being happy make you healthy?
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Is being healthy the same as being happy?

no not the same but being healthy is being happy

Is being happy all the time healthy?

As long as being "happy"doesn't involve an erectipn then yes.

What choices will you make to make your future a healthy one?

I will eat healthy food, and try to stay happy.

Being happy may feel good but is it actually healthy?

I would say it is. i wish i was happy!

Does a happy mind make a person more heathy?

Actually when you are healthy you will feel happy.

What is well-being?

Being Well, or in the right state of mind.

How do you make your gerbil happy for life?

Keep him warm, fed and healthy.

What is a word that means happy and healthy?

Healthappy (healthy and happy)

When was A Happy Healthy You created?

A Happy Healthy You was created in 2010.

The word eudaimonia most closely translates to what?

A contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.

How can you keep your hamster from dying?

Give it food, feed it, bath it, make it healthy and happy

How do you get the moshling plants to grow faster?

Make sure that your Moshi Monster is happy and healthy and your plants will grow in 4 to 6 hours. The less happy and healthy your monster is, the longer it will take for the plants to grow.