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As long as being "happy"doesn't involve an erectipn then yes.

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Q: Is being happy all the time healthy?
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Is being happy good for you?

Yes. Plus, if you are not happy, more than likely depression will hit you before you know it. You should be happy ALL of the time but its best to be happy most of the time.

How can person be happy all the time?

well nobody can really be happy all the time but you can believe that you can be happy all the time if you are happy most of the time like me. -Answerer

Which characteristic is a sign of wellness?

There are many signs of wellness in a human being. Having energy, being happy, and having clear skin are all signs of wellness.

Why is being happy all the time best for you?

Hey questioner, well, as everyone knows the opposite of happy is sad right? Apparently being unhappy is the damage, they say it shortens your life.

Why are people always happy?

Because they are celebrating life, and it beats being sad and gloomy all the time.

Why are nutritious foods important to the body?

if you want to be healthy, a long life without sickness and above all being happy , one has to take nutritious foods for the body.

On sims 2 for GameCube where is the try for baby option?

It takes a long time....but be sure you make them happy, healthy, and that they like each other. So I would not waste my time with trying all the time.

Is ghost happy all the time?

NOT ALL THE TIME. when the ghost saw something happend in their family they will not be happy.

How many times a week is considered healthy when seeing my girlfriend?

You should be able to see your girlfriend as much as you like if you are together, as long as she is happy with you being there all the time and you do not crowd her or stop her seeing her friends. Make sure you have time to see yoyr friends and family and do schoolwork as well though.

Do you need to make cats happy all the time?

You can't possibly make a cat happy all of the time. Just try to make your cat generally happy most of the time.

Is that bad to date someone four years older then you?

no, as long as you are happy being with them and your not sad or bored all the time, i don't see why not

What makes grandmas happy?

You being considerate and happy! :) And money. If all else fails go for the $$$