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I will eat healthy food, and try to stay happy.

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Q: What choices will you make to make your future a healthy one?
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Where can someone find information on healthy food choices?

One can find information on healthy food choices by talking with a nutritionist. One may find healthy recipes that still taste delicious on sites like Pinterest.

Why are cookies unhealth?

Cookies are unhealthy because they contain a lot of sugar and fat. Eating one (or two small) cookies will not make you unhealthy, so long as you make other healthy choices.

Is lap band surgery diet healthy?

There really isn't a lap band surgery "diet" per se. What there is is a change in eating habits that is necessary before the diet in order to prepare for surgery and then a gradual change after surgery from a mainly liquid to soft food diet to one that reflects "normal" foods. The diet can be quite healthy if you make good choices for balanced nutrition. Conversely, it is not healthy if you do not make wise choices.

What does one do when having an identity crisis?

Persons suffering from identity crises tend to develop or seek out a negative identity. This negative identity can lead them into making poor decisions and choices that may lead to crime or drugs or it may make them completely unable to make definite or defining choices about the future.

Is there strategies that can help someone begin a formal weight-management program?

Number one be realistic. - make healthy balanced choices - keep time in mind - keep convenience in mind

What does make a choice mean?

Means to make a decision to pick one of the choices offered

When you dream to try on different dresses?

This dream is about trying on different roles in life, or different ways of thinking of oneself. The different dresses represent different choices one might make about one's future career or life path.

How choices affect us?

Some choices may result as a positive affect. Some chices may result as a negative affect. It all depends on the choices we make. But remember no one can make us to do anything. We all have choices! Hope this helps :)

What is the theme of the short story choices by susan kerslake?

One of the themes in the short story Choices by Susan Kerslake is to not to trust eveyone and make good choices in life.

What is the best form of chain restaurant that provides healthy food?

One of the best chain restaurants that provides healthy food is Subway. Not all of the offerings are healthy, but you can choose from healthy ingredients to construct your sandwich. They offer whole grain breads, vegetables and low fat toppings. It is up to you to make the right choices and leave the chips and soda behind, but they definitely give the ability to do so.

Child support for a one night stand?

You make a baby, you pay for a baby! Everybody has choices and the consequences of those choices don't only lay on the shoulders of the mom. The best advice I can give is to get to know this child. The more time you spend with him/her, the lower child support will be. Oh...and keep your pants on in the future. :)

Where can you get a rota for a healthy diet?

make one your self