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Biting your nails is a horrible habit. My mother told me that if you bite your nails and become infeted you can lose your fingertips, which scared me so much i didnt bite my nails anymore. But if you have this habit i recomend that YOU CUT YOUR NAILS SO OFTEN THAT THEYRE SO SHORT YOU CANT BITE THEM ANYMORE.

i hope this helps :]

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Q: How do you stop biting fingernails?
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What does 'stop biting your nails you just have to get this monkey off your back' mean?

It means to stop biting your fingernails. "Monkey on your back" is a slang term for any addiction or very bad habit. They are telling you you must get over your bad habit and stop biting your fingernails.

How to stop bitting your fingernails?

The best way to stop biting your fingernails is to put a sour or hot tasting substance on the nail to deter you from putting them into your mouth.

Is there a terminology for nail biters?

Onychophagia - The term for biting fingernails

Is biting your fingernails a symptom of something else?

yes, hunger

How dirty do under the finger nails get?

Biting your fingernails is more germy than biting off a cockroaches head.

What helps you to not to eat your fingernails?

Dip the tips of your fingers in fish oil, they'll probably smell but it'll stop you from biting your nails because it'll taste disgusting.

How do you stop picking and biting your fingernails?

If you wanted to stop biting your nails, in the morning and throughout the day, apply and top coat of soap on the edge of your finger, so whenever you feel like a bite, you will have a horrible soapy taste in your mouth.=Keep on doing this until you have grown your nails.==Good luck!=

Bad habits of human beings?

* Picking your nose. * Scratching your backside. * Biting your fingernails.

How do you get your child to stop biting his fingernails?

This will not an easy task but if you keep on top of it you may be able to minimize it. There are a variety of things you could try and you may have to get creative on your own. Biting nails is a habit for the hands and the mouth. Try to keep your child's hands busy maybe a new good habit/hobby depending on their age, have a healthy snack handy for when they want to chew, chewing gum, paint their nails with the "stop biting" polish that tastes horrible. If you go to and type in stop biting nails a variety of sites will come up that will give you much more advice or ideas - Good Luck. while they are sleeping put tabasco sauce on their fingernails. when they wake up they will regret putting them in their mouth. you can also use other hot sauces.

What habit does an onychophagist have?

An onychophagist is someone who has the habit of biting their nails. This habit can result in damage to the nails and cuticles, as well as potential infections.

What is a nervous habit with example?

Biting fingernails, avoiding eye contact, grinding teeth, chewing on pencils, foot tapping. twirling hair, fidgety fingers, biting lower lip

What does you could chew nails mean?

If you are angry enough to bite nails, you could either be biting your own fingernails or biting iron nails -- either way, you are gnashing your teeth in anger.