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All you need to do is get an ice cube and break it into a few pieces so that you can easily fit it into your mouth and cheek area. Eating some celery sticks is also a great natural way to relieve swelling and the pain in your tongue, and it is healthy too.

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Q: How do you reduce tongue swelling?
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Are you suppost to ice toungue after getting pierced?

It certainly is advisable. After you get your tongue pierced, you will want to eat a lot of popsicles to reduce the swelling.

Hindi vidio of tongue stress?

tongue swelling

What causes tongue swelling?


What helps to reduce swelling on the lip?

Try ice 5 to 10 minutes on, then off for 15 to 20 minutes. You can also get an ice chip and hold it with your tongue to the inside of the lip. Time will take care of the rest of the swelling.

Will a topical antihistamine reduce swelling?

Assuming the swelling is due to an allergic reaction, antihistamines will help reduce the pain, swelling and itching associated with the release of histamine in the body following exposure to these agents. They will not help swelling from trauma.

Is it normal for a freshly pierced tongue ring to sink in the tongue a little bit?

No, the barbell is too short and your tongue is swelling. The barbell should always be longer for new piercings due to swelling, contact your piercer to see about getting a longer barbell. If left the tongue will swell to a point that will cause the barbell ball to be pulled into the tongue, get on some ice to control the swelling and contact your piercer.

If the ball on your tongue ring is going into your tongue what should you do?

Sounds like you are not keeping your tongue swelling in check, if your tongue is swelling you need to get on some ice and motor down to your local body piercer and ask about a longer barbell. You should be following the written aftercare instructions you were given, these would detail how to handle swelling and aftercare. For now get some ice on your tongue and then deal with the other points I have made here.

Swelling from tongue ring uncomfortable?

its not so much the swelling that hurts, its the fact you have a bar shoved through your tongue, and it hurts for like a week. the next day is horrible you can move your tongue at all and you talk with a lisp for a week or two

Why is there a dent in your tongue after you get a tongue ring?

Yes, this is due to the localized swelling from the piercing process. Follow the aftercare guide you were provided with by your piercer and the swelling should go down in a few days.

Does topical diclofenac reduce swelling?


How long after you get your tongue ring will it stop swelling?

A complete healing of tongue piercing can take up to 4 weeks.

Can you use methyprednisolone for back pain?

Yes. This drug can be used to reduce the swelling of inflammatory origin in the spinal cord. It may reduce the swelling of ligamentum flavum.