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No, the barbell is too short and your tongue is swelling. The barbell should always be longer for new piercings due to swelling, contact your piercer to see about getting a longer barbell. If left the tongue will swell to a point that will cause the barbell ball to be pulled into the tongue, get on some ice to control the swelling and contact your piercer.

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Q: Is it normal for a freshly pierced tongue ring to sink in the tongue a little bit?
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Is it healthy to get your tongue pierced?

not really, but if you really want it pierced then make sure it is a clean needle and your tongue is at least a little numb...

Is it normal to have a hard lump inside the tongue and a little bump on the top of the tongue after it has been pierced for almost four years?

You should go a professional and get it checked out and ask them if it is normal. If NOT go immiately to a doctor/hospital.

If you just got your tongue pierced a few day ago and it still bleeds a little?

I've had my tonuge pierced for bout 8 weeks .. its normal for your tongue to bleed but if its does go away with in another week or 2 weeks you should have it checked out

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Yes its completely normal I recently got my tongue pierced && i have two small bruises on the tip of my tongue. It could either be the after affects of the clamps of when your tongue was pulled or it could be the swelling that's causing your tongue to rub against your teeth as it is in my case. Its normal, the bruising will heal, just use a lot of ice or pop sickles && it will decrease the swelling. I hope this helps (:

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