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Yes, this is due to the localized swelling from the piercing process. Follow the aftercare guide you were provided with by your piercer and the swelling should go down in a few days.

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Q: Why is there a dent in your tongue after you get a tongue ring?
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What is this white ring under your tongue?

I don't have a white ring under my tongue.

What is a Lock on tongue rings?

There is no "lock on a tongue ring" and it's not a ring it's a barbell.

What r the negative effects of a tongue ring?

If you have a tongue ring, it makes it hard to make out. the ring always gets in the way.

How can you find an 18 gauge tongue ring?

Google search for "18 gauge tongue ring"!

How do you eat a girl out with a tongue ring?

The same way you did before, except now you have a tongue ring.

How long is it normal to have a dent on your tongue after piercing?

IS the jewelry really tight? Its not uncommon for the bottom ball to "nestle" and cause a dent on the underside of your tongue but not usually on the top. I sugggest that you go ask your piercer since they can actually look at whats going on :)

How do you with a tongue ring?

No one understands your ungrammatical/incomplete sentence. Also, there really is no such thing as a tongue ring, though there theoretically could be. I believe you mean a tongue STUD.

Is a tongue ring a feature?


Can you put a tongue ring ball as a lip ring ball?

Yeah. Some tongue ring balls are pretty big and may look tacky on lip rings.

When you get your tongue pirced do they have use the needle or can they just put the ring in?

Well the only way to put anything into a tongue is to use a needle to pierce the tongue first then put a barbell into the newly pierced hole. (Please quit calling it a tongue ring, it's a barbell and not a ring).

With a tongue ring is it normal for you tongue to close over the ball under your tongue?

No, its not. Go see your piercer.

Is it possible to kiss with a tongue ring?

yes it is possible to kiss/french kiss with a tongue ring. In fact the guy likes a girl with a ring.Answeryes it is possible to kiss/french kiss with a tongue ring. In fact the guy likes a girl with a ring.