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Archers are automatically placed in the archer towers. You do not have to train them.

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Q: How do you putt archers in the towers in evony?
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Are archer towers useful in evony?

Archers towers are very useful, they should be the main defensive structure in your city. Combining them with a few traps, abatis etc... would be most effective

In evony how many archers do you need to use to take a level 10 forest?

35,000 archers are good as they can safeguard you

What is the best way to take a level 8 npc in evony age 2?

Attack it with 100k archers then plunder with 5k archers and warriors

How do you make 100000 archers on evony?

Put n certain amount of archers at a time like 5k or 10k then repeat it intill you get 100k

What do you need to defeat 1850 traps in evony?

with 1850 men or you can take the city with archers

How many archers to take a valley evony?

lvl1 valley=100 archers lvl2 valley=200 archers lvl3 valley=400 archers lvl4valley=500 archers lvl5 valley=2k archers lvl6 valley=8k archers lvl7 valley= 10k archers lvl8 valley= 15k archers lvl9 valley= 35k archers lvl10 valley=50k archers This is with lvl3 archery

How do you layer troops in evony?

a full layer on evony is sending 100k of a same troops e.g. 100k warriors, 100k archers, 100k scouts, so you build troops and get rallyspot to lvl10

How do you farm a level 2 ncp evony?

attack it with 5k archers then do loyalty waves of 1k warriors so troop required is 5k archers 35k warriors but this is too much, you could do it less

How many archers you need for a lvl 12 history city in evony?

The number of archers needed for a level 12 history city in Evony would depend on various factors such as the size of the city, the strength of your opponents, and your preferred strategy. It is difficult to provide an exact number without these details. However, it is recommended to have a balanced army composition with a mix of archers, cavalry, and infantry units.

23k archers can beat 12k archer towers?

yes. if you have good lvl archery

How do you take down a level 5 barbarian city in Evony?

By sending waves of archers or cavs to lower the loyalty to 0 so you can capture it.

Are catapults good in evony?

Extremely slow, require high barracks, lots of time, and resources. It is just about as good as archers when it comes to time and resources.