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1.You cant get thoks armor but you can get something close to it.

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Q: How do you get thoks armor on AQWorlds?
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How do you combine armor on aqworlds?

You can only have one armor on at a time in AQWorlds. You cannot combine armors in AQWorlds.

How do you get undead warrior armor without ac's in aqworlds?

You cannot get Undead Warrior armor without ACs in AQWorlds.

How do you get count Dracula armor AQworlds?

The armor is for members and its gone

Where can you get assassin armor in AQworlds?

There is no assassin armor, only the assassin class.

Aqworlds how do you change your armor color?


Is kistunes armor for non mems in AQWorlds?


Aqworlds how to get the secret undead armor?

you can get it at Doomwood

Do you have to be a member to get paladin armor in AQWorlds?

Yes. -Artixthepaladin

What is in the paladin shop in aqworlds?

Crimson Paladin Armor

Where do you get the pheonixplate armor on AQWorlds?

you get at swordhaven but it costs ac

What is the url and the linkage of AQWorlds armor and weapon?

vindecator of they

Where is the pactagonal armor shop in the castle in AQWorlds?