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Q: Where is the pactagonal armor shop in the castle in AQWorlds?
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Where to get vampire armor in AQWorlds?

in Safiria's castle talk to Brysian and gto his shop but you need the rep

What is in the paladin shop in aqworlds?

Crimson Paladin Armor

Where do you buy the armor that has a mouth in AQWorlds?

suggestion shop in yulgar

Where can i buy cool armor on AQWorlds?

The Suggestion Shop, although most of the armor cost ACs.

Where can you change armor color in AQWorlds?

At Yulgar's Shop 2nd Floor

Where do you get a red cape in aq worlds?

Type in: /join castle Talk to the guard and click Pactagonal Shop. The red cape costs 500 gold.

How do you get Knight on AQ?

Im not sure which one so Ill say both 1. Pactagonal Knight Armor: You go to the castle of swordhaven and talk to the Knight that you see when you walk in. The pactagonal shop will be one of the options. 2. Doomknight class: During the war with Maximillian Lionfang. Graveyln was selling doomknight class. After the war the doom knight trainer sold it in battleon but he no longer does. Doomknight isn't available for now

Where do you get dark crusader armor in AQWorlds?

You can get dark crusader armor only if you chose evil in the story. It sells for 50,000 in the evil shop a onde ganha

How do you get the black knight armor in AQWorlds?

1.First you have to do quest to get the black knight's orb and then you are able to get into the shop. 2. The black knight armor is is AC.

Can you become an assassin in AQWorlds?

technically yes, techinacally no. In yulgar's inn, there's a suggestion shop. There you'll find the Hashashin armor, which is techincally like assassins's armor/

What is a good combination with Marachi armor in AQWorlds?

the browler hat from yulgars in his shop then equip them and u will look boss lol

Where do you get berserker armor AQWorlds?

first you have to be a member then you goto the upgrade shop and its call beserker class and theres also a beast warrior in there