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When you are released from jail, get the timecard from the security guard, who is at the Clown Store. Use the video in the museum's security room to get a photo of the thief. When you show it Downtown, you will chase the thief on the scooters from the All that Jazz Cafe to the docks. When he escapes, head back to the museum where a package is waiting. Fly to Early Poptropica and meet the curator from Counterfeit Island. She is in the Pop Art museum and will give you the key.

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Q: How do you get the key from early Poptropica on Counterfeit Island?
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What do you do when you get the key from the lady in early Poptropica in Poptropica?

If your talking about Counterfeit Island then you get the key and go back to the museum on Counterfeit Island

Where is the key for Counterfeit Island?

Early Poptropica.

In counterfeit where is the key for the investigators house Poptropica?

The key is not on counterfeit island. Go into the mueseum and the person on the left will give you a package. then go to early poptropica and there will be a lady standing on the left.

How do you find the thief in Early Poptropica?

The art thief is back on Counterfeit Island. As part of Counterfeit island, you don't need to do anything in Early Poptropica except get the key from the curator at the Pop Art Museum, then return to Counterfeit Island to open the Inspector's house.

What do you do after you visit the early poptropica museum on Counterfeit Island?

You now have a key that fits a lock on Counterfeit Island, and you haven't found a key to the lock on the Inspector's house, so...

How do you get in the locked house in Poptropica counterfeit island?

you go to early poptropica, and go inside the gray art place. there you talk to the lady in purple and get a key. the key goes to the locked house back in counterfeit island.

Who is it in early poptropica that tells you about the thief in counterfeit isaland?

The old woman is the curator of the museum on Counterfeit Island, and she came to Early Poptropica to recover a key you will need to complete the quest. When you receive her message, go there, get the key, then return to Counterfeit Island to use it at the Inspector's house in the Country Side.

On Counterfeit Island where do you go after you go to the museum on Early Poptropica?

Once you get the key from the curator, go back to Counterfeit island and use it at the Inspector's house.

What do you do with the key from the museum on early poptropica?

You take it back to counterfeit Island and use it on the door of the house.

What does the curator at Early Poptropica say on Counterfeit island?

She warns you that there is a notorious thief at work on Counterfeit Island, and gives you the key to the Inspector's house in the Country Side.

How do you get in the house in Counterfeit Island?

You go to Early Poptropica Island and go into Pop Art Museum and a lady gives you a key

What do you unlock with the key from early poptropica on Counterfeit Island?

Since you couldn't find a key to unlock the cottage in the Country Side, this is probably it.