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You need to play loads of games and get autos from friends or random people. Make artbooks and movies , when people love your artbooks and rate your movies you would get starcoins!

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Q: How do you get on level 20 from level 3 on Movie Star Planet?
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What is the name of a level 20 on Movie Star Planet?

hippi37 v.i.p.lover jack123 lol123 todayis9 none

What is bex secret on Movie Star Planet to level up?

nothing she doesnt have 1 she had her account for 2 years and now shes on level 20 shes just LUCKY!! lol

What are the ratings and certificates for Star Blazers - 1979 Planet Phantom 3-20?

Star Blazers - 1979 Planet Phantom 3-20 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

In paper Mario ttyd how do you be an a list star?

you must be level 20 to be an a-list star.

How do you get free vip on moviestar planet?

by getting to level 20 and you will get a free VIP

How 2 get 10000000 starcoins on Movie Star Planet cheat?

der is no way u kan get dat much starcoins so stop tryin

Is anonymous real?

yes because he has been found as a girl on movie star planet,facebook,twitter and kik but in real life anonymous is a man older than 20 and wanting to take over

How can you get lots of fame on Movie Star Planet?

1. Ask people to give u autographs 2. Make a new account and give yourself autos and love your look make looks rate your movie 5 stars 3. Short movies that how the level 20+ get fame so quick Add me my name on MSP is kiara584 Hope this helped you guys :D

Is moviestar planet bex a vip for free?

Yea She Is! When U Get To Level 20 You Get Free VIP! Cool Right?? That's Why It Is Many people's Dream To Reach Level 20"!

How do you be a VIP free o moviestar planet?

you can by being a level 20 and you get free vip membership

What are the release dates for NewsRadio - 1995 Movie Star 3-8?

NewsRadio - 1995 Movie Star 3-8 was released on: USA: 20 November 1996

Can you kill Dr.goldfire in planet strike?

Yes, he is the final boss on level 20. Defeating him ends the game.