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Q: How do you get beta berserker in AQWorlds?
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How do you get beta berserker armor in aqworlds?

You can't unless you participated in Beta Tests. The Beta Berserker armor is rare and no longer available normally. If you participated in the Beta Tests then you can click on the 'Beta Tester' badge in your book to acces the shop.

How d you get beta berserker armour in adventure quest worlds?

The Beta Berserker class was given to Beta-testers and is no longer available.

Where is the beta berserker trainer in adventure quest worlds?

There is none. That was a beta item!

How do you get beta beserker in aqw?

The Berserker class can be found in the upgrade shop in Battleon.The Beta Berserker class is RARE and was only available during beta testing.The Undead Berserker armor can be found in the evil shop in Shadowfall.Note: The Undead Berserker Armor is only available to evil players and costs 1,000 ACs.

Where is beta berserker class?

It is in the Beta Shop Book of Lore, but you can only access it if you have the Beta Tester achievement.

Where can you get beta beserker class in aq worlds?

During 'Beta' Beta Berserker is able to be purchased for 100,000 gold

How do you get beta berserker in aqw?

well you will have to pass the beta test and the beta tester badge in oct 10 2008

Aqworlds how to get beta berzercer?

well, you can't because you can only get beta beserker in the Beta version of Aqworlds and the beta version pasted already.You can become a member and get the real version, the beserker one.

What is fonders in aqworlds?

it is a badge in aqworlds and u had to member dring beta stage

Where is the berserker bunny set in AQWorlds?

Its a seasonal armor set it comes out in Easter which is in a week or so i think!

Where is the beta shop in aqw?

Beta shop was deleted after the game was pronounced released. Although the shop was deleted, the Beta Berserker remains in game.

How do you go on AQWorlds beta?

It is no longer available.