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Geez. you *TEST* during *BETA*

otherwise known as, YOU CAN'T anymore.

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Q: How do you get a beta tester in AQWorlds?
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The beta tester will come back on aqworlds?

only if the aqw staff are bribed...

How do you get beta berserker armor in aqworlds?

You can't unless you participated in Beta Tests. The Beta Berserker armor is rare and no longer available normally. If you participated in the Beta Tests then you can click on the 'Beta Tester' badge in your book to acces the shop.

Where is the beta shop in AQWorlds?

the beta shop in aqw is in /join swordhaven and then go into the inn where robina and artix is and click on one of them NOTE: only the people with beta tester badge can go into the shop, if u r a beta tester and have the badge u cant go into the shop because it only opens once a year for beta testers they'll tell u when it opens on the NEWS

What pay do you get for a beta tester?

if ur a beta tester u get beta bezerker class and alpha pirate class REALLY RARE

In AQWorlds how do you change your name?

you cannot change you name... only the pass wordif youd like my reeeeaaalllly old account the names dudewithcewhair1.its a lvl1 and is a beta tester. pass is dudewithcewhair2

How do you get beta berserker in AQWorlds?


Aqworlds how to get beta berzercer?

well, you can't because you can only get beta beserker in the Beta version of Aqworlds and the beta version pasted already.You can become a member and get the real version, the beserker one.

What is fonders in aqworlds?

it is a badge in aqworlds and u had to member dring beta stage

Is beta free?

I think that is too late to become a beta tester. The game came out a while ago. I was a beta tester for a few months and it was free.

How do you go on AQWorlds beta?

It is no longer available.

How do you goto to beta shop in AQWorlds?

you have to save the king then go in the storage at the inn on top of the stairs but you have to be in swordhaven undead, type /join swordhavenundead to get there or go to battleon and click on the second chapter.

How do you become a alpha tester on AQW?

These are the current Achivements in AQWorlds, and how to get them...:13th- Playing the Event on Friday the 13thKung Food- In cornicopia, playing food fightStubborn- In Twig's dream, constantly taking the wrong path (the dark, evil looking path) 100 times.1st Upholder- Becoming a member near AQWorlds 1st birthday (October 10th, 2009)2nd Upholder- Becoming a member near AQWorlds 2nd birthday (October, 10th, 2010)Member- Was or is a memberMoglin Punter- Punt Twilly 100 yards in /punt !PTR Tester- Helped with PTR TestingEye Was There- For those who were online and playing the One-Eyed Doll LIVE Musical EventFounder- For those who became a member around where AQWorlds first came outBeta Tester- For those who tested during beta (October 10th, 2008)Beta Character- For those who made a character in betaYou usually get an award by playing a live event or a seasonal event.Or just by upgrading your account to a member on a certain day.