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It is hard to say without all the details from the accident, but usually it is pretty clear who was At Fault in the accident based on the facts and details. These can most easily be obtained from a police report, if there was an officer at the scene of the wreck. If the other driver is not primarily at fault, it will be difficult to file a claim.

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Q: How do you determine who was at fault in an auto accident in Texas?
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Does Texas have a No-Fault insurance policy?

According to, Texas is one of the states which has some form of no-fault law.

Who determines fault in auto accident?

Insurance companies determine fault by looking at police reports, taking statements from the parties involved and witnesses, and looking at the vehicles.

Is Texas a no fault auto insurance state?

texas is a no fault state.

How can you determine fault in an auto accident in New Jersey?

All accidents are investigated and a determination is based on many things. With specific accident details I may be of more assistance.

Can you sue if at fault in a auto accident?

Ask a lawyer about it.

Is Texas a no fault state in auto accidents?

Texas is NOT a no-fault state for auto accidents. You can, however, purchase uninsured motorist coverage.

What does Florida no fault mean?

a judge in an American court makes the decision as to who is at fault for an auto accident. some states have "no fault" meaning in an accident all parties involved are given a percentage of the accident's fault

What happens when there is an auto accident and neither driver is at fault?

each contributes 50% to liability or fault.

What if you deny fault auto accident and it was your fault?

The insurance company is the one that determines fault so if you deny it, they can still rule against you.

If you are at fault in an auto accident do you have to pay the other persons deductible?

No, you have to pay your deductible.

What are your rights as a claimant in an auto accident?

That depends on the nature of the accident, types of insurance coverage you possess, and whether or not you are at fault.

In a no fault state can negligent party of a auto accident sue for bodily injures?

If there is no fault, then by definition there is no negligent party - negligence implies fault.