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you can become all sorts of classes if you buy each outfit are you can rank up and buy there weapons and do all of there quests

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Q: How do you complete in adventure quests to change class no?
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How can you become a ninja in adventure quest?

1. /join greenguardwest 2. Find Masumi. 3. Complete her quests. 4. Buy her Ninja Class for 10,000 gold.

How do you change your class on adventure quest?

Ok, if you want to change your class on AQ, like to a mage, go to Warlic and click "class quests" And for armor, you can find it almost in any shop. :) Hope this helps.. - External, helper of AE games, and ROBLOX.

How do level up dracomancer armor in adventure quest?

Go to dragonspine and do the class quests. Have fun.

Where to find the rust bucket armor in adventure quest worlds?

in the crash site, talk to the girl and do the quests. As a reward for one of the quests, the girl gives you the class 'rustbucket'.

How do you change class in adventure quest?

just wear a diffrent class

Where do you get healer class in adventure quests?

go to battleon town square and go right and then into the building and then click on the girl dressed in white

Can you change your class in Adventure quest?

Yes just train in a different class.

How do you do knight training on adventure quest?

You go up the stairs in The Inn in Battleon. Then you talk to Blackhawke (the guy in all black with scars on his face. Next you say that you want to do fighter class quests, and after you become a level 5 fighter you can start to do the knight quests. To get the knight quests you just talk to Blackhawke again and say knight class instead of fighter class.

How do you gain dragonslayer exp in adventure quest?

You don't get dragonslayer "exp" you do get DragonSlayer armor skills and lvl ups (armor wise) to do this go to Galonth and do his quests after you have his class set as your main class

Does anyone have a quik level up guide for adventure quest that's for adventureers?

buy a truffle as a pet if you are not a guardian... Start Class quests... Will help you and get exp also... I suggest Ninja Class first...

What armour can you change the colour of on adventure quest worlds?

evolved shaman class

How do you change you adventure quest worlds person to a healer?

you buy the healer class