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Squirt a very small amount (less than a tea spoon) directly in the carb, then try and start.

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Q: How do you bypass the primer on a lawn mower?
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Murray lawn mower will not prime up?

where is the primer on a murray 625 ex series

Why you have to push the button for gas of the lawn mower?

If you are talking about the bulb button it is a primer to get gas to the carburetor if the mower has not run for awhile. Usually not needed to restart a warm mower.

Why does primer bulb get sucked inward while running on lawn mower?

Fuel tank cap vent is plugged.

What is a gas lawn mower?

A gas lawn mower is a lawn mower which is powered by gasoline.

How do you know if the starter on your riding lawn mower is defective?

Bypass the switch with a jumper & see if you can bump it with a hot wire.

Where is the choke on a craftsman lawn mower?

depends on the engine Briggs or tech, does it have a primer bulb. but safe bet right next to the carb.

Where is the primer button for a troy built 650 self propelled lawnmower?

The primer button on a Troy Built 650 self-propelled lawn mower is a black round ball. It is located on the right side of the mower just below the black rectangular fuel tank.

Honda Lawn Mower?

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Electric Lawn Mower?

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Do you need to mix fuel for lawn mower to start?

No for your lawn mower you will just need regular lawn mower oil.

Why do you need lawn mower?

To Mow your Lawn , Obviously that's why its called a lawn mower In other words if you don't have grass then there is no need for a lawn mower!

How do you bypass a brake pedal sensor on a john deere l100 lawn mower?

You should never by pass any safety sensors on your lawn mower. BUT :for testing your brake sensor you can try taking the wires off the switch that is hooked ether at the back of the peddle or on the linkage and join them together .That should bypass it until you get a new switch.