How do you beat the game my sims?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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First go to the old Lady and she will tell you someone is missing then go to the Racquetball court and and talk to the person soon they will realize that you are a new citizen and they will ask you for your name.....

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Q: How do you beat the game my sims?
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How do you beat the game sims 3 on psp?

You can't really beat Sims 3. The game doesn't have an end unless all your sims die, (which in many ways is considered losing).

How do you beat the entire game of Sims 2?

you can't

How do you beat the Sims deluxe edition games?

You can't beat it, the Sims Deluxe is a simulated life game, you just play until you get bored.

How do you beat The Sims 2 nightlife?

As it is an open ended game, you cannot "beat" it. you just go have fun.

How do you beat The Sims on the Xbox?

Im not sure what you mean by "beat" but you dont actually win The Sims. It doesnt really end either. Its just a time wasting game LOL

How do you beat the sims 2 pets?

you don't beat this game, you just make families and pets and look after them for as long as you want.

Where do I find the dog on My Sims Kingdom after you beat the game?

the magic unicorn is going to tell you.

What to do when you beat the game on sims 2 for ds?

i beat the game to but i guess you have to defeat goons and aliens hen they come and you unlock outfitsthat's pretty muchI'm in 4th grade

How do you make The Sims fully nude on The Sims 2 psp?

you cannot actually do that. it always just has a blur. i have even beat the game with NO cheats!!!

How do you beat level 1 on my sims agent?

you try your best and do what you are sopost to do in the game its pretty easy

What do you do after the creits in my sims agents?

just do whateva ya me i know i beat the game already

On the sims 2 what do you do after you beat the game?

If you are talking about the computer sims 2 then i don't think you understand the game. you cant beat it. it isn't one of those types of games. you can start new families or get some expansion packs. If you were talking about DS or something then my mistake.