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i beat the game to but i guess you have to defeat goons and aliens hen they come and you unlock outfits

that's pretty much

I'm in 4th grade

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Q: What to do when you beat the game on sims 2 for ds?
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On the sims 2 what do you do after you beat the game?

If you are talking about the computer sims 2 then i don't think you understand the game. you cant beat it. it isn't one of those types of games. you can start new families or get some expansion packs. If you were talking about DS or something then my mistake.

How do you unlock the have babies option in sims 2 on ds?

You have to get the Sims 2 game boy advance game and have them both in your DS at the same time. Then you can have babys.

Can you turn into a vampire on the DS game the sims 2?

no you can not

Can you have babies in Sims 2 on DS?

no, your sims can not have children on the DS version of the sims 2. you have to have the gba gameboy version of sims 2 as well in order to unlock the have babies option: have both games in their slots and turn on your ds. it should then unlock the option on your ds game.

Is the game sims 2 apartment life for ds?

It is! There is also regular Sims 2, Sims 2 Pets, and Sims 2 Apartment Life with Pets!

Do you get a house in the Sims 2 for Nintendo DS after beating the game?


What is Honest Jackson secret for Sims 2 ds?

its the game

How do you beat the entire game of Sims 2?

you can't

How do you use cheats in the Sims 2?

No i have the game on my ds lite and i have finished it

Can you have whoo on sims 2 ds?

no because the game is for kids(that is exactly why!).

Can you get married in sims 2 castaway for the ds?

No. You can only have friends in that game.

Do sims get married on The Sims 2 castaways for the ds?

your sims can't get married in the sims 2 Castaway for the DS.