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You don't do that in sims 2 only in the new game - sims medieval.

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Q: What sims 2 game do you need to get your sims married in a church?
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What sims game do you need to get your sims married in a CHURCH?

Right now there is no certain Sims game that has Sims being able to live in a church. But there are always future Expansion Packs...

Can sims get married on sims game consoles?

yes on most consoles your sims can get married.

Can you get married in sims deluxe edition?

your sims can get married in any game they just need to care for the other sim the same way as the other sim care for it

Do you have to get sims 2 deluxe edition to be able to get married on sims 2?

No. If you play only with the base game for the Sims 2, then you can still get married.

How do you get baby in sims freeplay?

In order to get babies on the game Sims "Freeplay", you will need to get married. Once the characters are married, a crib will need to be purchased. After the crib is purchased, tap the crib to begin customizing your baby.

What is the game called that sims can get married and have babies?

Sims hot date. However, they can always get married, and if it's Sims 2, you don't have to install any EPs (Expansion Packs).

Do you need The Sims to download sims societies?

No you dont need to have the sims because the sims societies game is a completely different thing altogether.

Is there a online game where you can live in a house?

The Sims is an online game where you can live in a house. You decorate your house, get a job, get married, and have a family in the Sims game. You make choices for your character in the game.

Do you need the first sims to play the second game?

no, if you want to install the sims 2 you do not need the sims 1 installed.

What game do you need to play sims 2 apartment life?

You need the Sims 2 base game, regular or Double Deluxe.

Do you need the Sims 3 disk to update your Sims 3 game?


How do you get married on the sims freeplay for I phone?

It will become a goal futher on in the game :)