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The white bar above the answer bar you type the letter you want to awnser for the question.

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Q: How do you answer date questions on elliv island?
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How do you get a girl to love you on Elliv island?

you have to keep talking to same girl to make them have a date with uu

How do you beat elliv island?

You have to search for a girl (there's a pink haired one and a green haired one; they are at the mountain, mall[not inside], the inn[inside, both levels], and on the beach[romance area included] ONLY), talk to her a lot (this improves the relationship) until you are close friends. She'll eventually tell you what gift she likes. Buy that gift from the mall. Then talk to her again and press 'DATE'. Pick a place, depending on your money (work as a teacher or go to 'WORK' on the island for more money). Give her the gift. Then talk to her and answer her questions to get farther in the date by 5(she will have told you the answers if you are close friends and you talked to her). Once at 'level' 100, you can kiss her. Please do so. After that, you're done, congrats!

What are the release dates for Temptation Island - 2001 Goodbye Singles Hello Final Date 1-6?

Temptation Island - 2001 Goodbye Singles Hello Final Date 1-6 was released on: USA: 21 February 2001

Who do you date on the dog island?

If you are a girl: You can pick between Mccoy or Camu from the Victory Gang. You can only pick which one to date after you become the Victory Gang leader. If you are a boy: You can date Amelia. But I am a girl, so I don't know when you get to date her... Sorry. :(

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