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Just like a male does only they sit down.

Why do they sit down instead of standing up like a man does?

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Q: How do women go to the bathroom?
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How do women go to the bathroom in a men's bathroom?

Women can sit on the toilets in a mens' bathroom the same as they do in a womens' bathroom.

Do women really go to the bathroom?

Yes, women really do go to the bathroom. Women have a digestive system just like men, so they urinate and have bowel movements on a regular basis. Women often are more discreet than men about bathroom activities.

Why do women go to the bathroom before sex?

Im sure its because when a man starts having sex with the woman, there is a feeling in the woman that makes the woman go to the bathroom. Also, women must go to the bathroom after having sex or else they run the risk of having a Urinary Tract Infection, which is a very painful and annoying infection.

Why do women pee more?

Smaller bladders and taught to go to the bathroom more to prevent bladder infections.

Who takes longer in the bathroom men or women?

Women. It all depends on how much the person has to go to the bathroom, and how long they've been holding it. If it is very urgent, both genders would go very quickly. It just depends on how fast the person does it, and take into account washing and drying hands, and flushing the toilet. The time the person is actually going to the bathroom varies from person to person, so it is impossible to say who takes longer in the bathroom.

When will you go to the bathroom?

You will go to the bathroom when you are ready to. I hope you make it peaceful.

Do you think you should pee on yourself or go to the bathroom?

go to the bathroom

How many time does a pregnant women pee?

More than the women did before they became pregnant. They go alot now that the babies put pressure. They should have a monitor to let them know when they need to go to the bathroom.

Did Justin have a baby with a women in the bathroom?


Where do you go to use the bathroom?

In the bathroom. On the toilet

Why do women in a restaurant or other public setting always go to the bathroom in groups?

It's generally just to talk or to fix up their makeup or hair. Not all women need an entourage of women going to the washroom.

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