How many time does a pregnant women pee?

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2010-10-20 22:35:58

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More than the women did before they became pregnant. They go alot now that the babies put pressure. They should have a monitor to let them know when they need to go to the bathroom.

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2010-10-20 22:35:58
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Q: How many time does a pregnant women pee?
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How many times does pregnant women pee in a day?


Do all pregnant women pee there pants when there pregnant?


When a women is pregnant is her pee different?

yes, that is how you tell when you do a test.

What does it mean when you have to go pee a lot?

You may pee a lot because you are drinking more fluids, have a bladder issue, or you are focusing on the amount of times you have to go pee. Women tend to pee more when they are pregnant. However, just because someone has to pee a lot does not mean that they are pregnant.

Will pregnant women pee cause weight loss?

yes,drinking pregnant women pee is going to burn your fat at an amazing level,myself,being a doctor,used to drink my pregnant wife's urine and it took me from 130 kg's to 70 in just 4 months

Why do pregnant women always have to pee?

its nothing to worry about. the baby puts presure on the bladder. simple.

Why do women pee after intercourse?

actually it is misconception among the females, that if they pee after intercourse then the chances of getting pregnant is far less. well beside that every single female does not pee after intercourse.

Do women pee?

Yes Women Pee, They Can Pee Standing Up But Most Pee Sitting Down.

When do you begin to pee in the amniotic sack?

Pregnant women do NOT pee in amniotic sacs- the amniotic sac surrounds the baby, you pee in the same manner, same way and same place as you always have. If any pee is in the amniotic sac, it is from the baby.

Why do you pee a lot are you pregnant?

wel normally if u pee alot u are pregnant

If a toilet paper have pee and then you get that toilet and used it do you get pregnant?

no you can not get pregnant for pee. only semen

When pregnant is your pee green?


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