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If you want to collect the depreciation your insurance company withheld from your claim payment you must make the repairs to your home. After you make the repairs contact your insurance company and they should issue a check for the depreciation.

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Q: How do I Collect the depreciation from Homeowners insurance claim?
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Does Arkansas homeowners insurance laws have a depreciation on roofs Years ago in Arkansas there was no depreciation on homeowner policies for the roofs just wondering if that was still law?

Depreciation is determined by the policy and not the "insurance laws" If your policy has "replacement cost" benefit, there is no depreciation taken at the time of a claim. If your policy has "actual cash value" benefit, there is depreciation taken off your settlement at the time of a claim.

What are the Odds of making a claim on homeowners insurance?


Do you claim slashed car tires on homeowners or auto insurance?

Slashed tires coverageYou will need to file the claim under your Auto Insurance policy. Your homeowners insurance does not pay for car damage. That's what auto insurance is for.

Does homeowners insurance cover personal items that were stolen from another persons home?

generally yes. you would be covered for off premise theft. the claim would be subject to your deductible and depreciation. the depreciation could be recovered if you have full replacement on your policy for contents, once the items are replaced.

What is fire insurance claim?

It is either a claim for a fire or it is any type of homeowners claims since homeowners policies used to be called fire policies.

Should my homeowners insurance cover my lost dentures?

No. Any loss must be due to a covered cause in order to collect on a claim. Loosing something is not a covered cause. Sorry.

What happens if i file a homeowners insurance claim?

Question was in error, ignore!

Is my window covered for the damages?

The ability to collect on a claim on your homeowners' policy will be determined by an insurance claims adjuster after consulting your policy. The broken window may, or may not be covered if your child broke it.

Does Wallside Windows accept homeowners insurance?

To make a claim with your homeowners insurance policy, you will need to contact your agent for details on how to proceed from there. In searching the Wallside Windows webpage, I did not see any indication that they accept homeowners insurance as payment.

Branch fell on windshield auto or home insurance?

File the claim on your auto insurance. Homeowners insurance does not cover automobiles.

If a person that has no auto insurance and hits you can you go after his homeowners insurance?

Will Homeowners Insurance cover an Auto Accident?No, Homeowners Insurance Policies do not provide coverage for Auto Accidents.____________________________________________________________________Other AnswersNo. If he wasn't insured on the car, then there is no way to claim any of his insurance on it. He will simply have to pay himself.

Can you get homeowners insurance from anyone after filing a sinkhole claim?

Possibly. Call an agent.