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I'm guessing , but Iwould say they just used their other nails or sharpened objects like rocks. Hope I helped! :@

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Nails were "pared" with a sharp knife or small scissor.

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Q: How did people cut their toenails before clippers?
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Are toenail clippers different than plain nail clippers?

Yes they are bigger and stronger designed so a person can cut their toenails straight across and not curved. This is good to prevent infection and also your toenails are stronger and different shapes.

How can you prevent ingrown toenails?

get your parents to cut your toenails for you, if you are bad at cutting them.

What did you do before lawn mowers?

Hand mowers or push mowers (not powered by gas or electricity) have existed for about as long as people have had lawns. Before that, they used various clippers and scythes to cut the grass.

What do you use to cut?

Usually scissors for cloth or paper A razor for facial and leg hair Scissors for longer hair Clippers for fingernails and toenails Shrub clippers for shrubs and small tree branches or other plants lawnmower for grass knife for bread, cake, cheese, and most other foods

What can you use to soften toenails before cutting?

Soak them in warm water, or cut them right after a shower or bath.

What is the record of longest toenails?

The record for the longest toenails belonged to Louise Hollis, whose toenails measured a combined length of 6.77 meters (22 feet 2.75 inches) before she eventually cut them in 1990.

How do giraffes cut their toenails?

they dont

How do you cut a husky's toenails?

Use a set of dog nail clippers of filers and be sure you do not cut down to the quick. Make sure you give the husky lots of treats so he sees it as a positive experience. Your local vet will be able to give you more advice or even clip them for you.

Can you cut a bob with clippers?

like an Aline bob? i have seen it used before it can make a really quick and sorta spunky cut so yea.

What is the purpose of hair clippers?

to cut hair with

How do you get strong toenails?

Don't cut them, paint them or peel them

How does benji marshall cut his hair?

With hair clippers