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Walk away, don't fight with him, or argue, because he is not good enough, first off he cheated with someone else, and he will more than likely do it again. Secondly, it is too big a situation to be involved in. Life has a lot of good things to offer, that you dont need this kind of hassle in your life. It may hurt to walk away and stay away at first, but once you have gotten over the heartache you will look back and be so glad you moved on. Trust me, you may feel like going back to him because you miss him and all of the loving feelings you get, but write down what he did on a piece of paper, along with the other things he may have done to hurt you or disrespect you and every time you feel like taking him back READ IT. There is someone out there much better and honest and reliable for you, you dont want to miss out by being with Mr Wrong. And not having a boyfriend for a while is also a really good thing, it will make you a more confident stronger person, and you will have your own personal time to find out what you want and who you are.

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You find another girlfriend. Only if you were with the girl at time of conception. What if it was one of those things like most young men, who find out that their girlfriend is pregnant, and they leave her. Not her fault. If you love her, stay with her, she is going to need a support system throughout pregnancy.

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It really depends on how you feel about him. I personally would break up with him after finding out something like that because that'd make me guess he's the irresponsible type to bail. If he's a good guy though and is taking care of the girl he got pregnant then it shows he's at least the type to handle his problems and not run away from them. If he got her pregnant WHILE you were dating then dump him! You can do so much better I'm sure then being with a cheater! It really depends on your situation. I'm a teenager too and I know if my boyfriend EVER cheated on me I'd leave him in a heartbeat. To me, cheating is unacceptable and people should be completely honest in a relationship if there is to be trust. If there's no trust then there's no true relationship.

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Q: My boyfriend got another girl pregnant what do i do?
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