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Q: How can you prevent blood clots at 42 year old when on your menstruation?
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Is it likely to get blood clots one year after hip implant surgery?

Not very likely after a year has gone by.

If a port is not removed for a year + what are the possible side effects Blood clots?

Do not mess around with internet advice. This is something that should be referred to a M.D.

Do fish have menstruation?

No, fish do not menstruate; menstruation and the related estrus is particular to mammals. Roughly equivalent to menstruation in fish is the breeding seasons that fish go through at particular times of the year.

You have had bad bleeding when you poop several times this year It does nto matter if stool is soft or hard The toilet fills with blood and is mixed with stool Also when you wipe there are clots?

See a doctor right away.

Is it possible that a 19-year old woman doesn't have menstruation ever since?

There are some rare cases where girls never have menstruation at 19 years due to a illness.

How many menstruation cycles are in one year?

Each time there's a full moon.

Does bleeding clots only one time indicate a miscarriage?

If you have a confirmed pregnancy & was bleeding clots then this can indicate a miscarriage but you need to see your Docctor to confirm this with him. However if you was not pregnant but experienced clots during your period for the first time, then this is not caused by a miscarriage. Clots during a period is perfectly normal & may occur every period or only once a year. Its different in each Woman.

What would cause a 54 year old mans right leg to keep swelling up?

I believe that it is phlebitis. I am not 100% sure, but I think it is a vein problem. It is definitely a serious ailment, as it can lead to deep vein clots and blood pressure complications.

Is it ok to get your period after not getting it for a year?

Yes, menstruation is a normal function for most women. If you haven't menstruated for a year then there is a reason for this, if you have not been intentionally delaying menstruation via hormonal treatments or birth control then you need to talk to your doctor to find out why your periods are delayed like this.

What is the perfect age to have an menstrUation if you are born in year 2000?

The perfect age varies from person to person, regardless of what year they were born in. It will start when it is supposed to, and end when it it supposed to.

Are humans the only species to have menstruation?

No, aculty all female species do. Dogs and cats get spayed and little mamals get the tinyest bit. Idk about other animals but femle dogs get theres 3 a year but they have a TON of blood bc they could of had likea whole litter.

Is it normal not getting menstruation for a year?

It's not normal for a woman not to menstruate for a year - it's generally recommended to see your doctor if you go over 3 months without menstruating. Although note absent menstruation is not always a sign of a problem, in your pre-teens or teens especially it may not be anything to worry about.