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For help with this you need to go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor).

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Q: How can you make your period lighter or at least more comfortable?
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Can amoxicillin make your period lighter?

yes it can

What can cause lighter periods?

Birth control can help to make your period lighter, and a tad quicker.

What are some birth control pills that make your period lighter?

In general, all birth control pills, as well as the patch and ring and the Mirena IUD, make your period lighter.

What food makes your period lighter?

hello, to make your period lighter, you might aswell eat healthy foods. fruits and vegetables make it a lot better for your period, and you'll feel much better about yourself.

Do you have very light period on your first day?

Yes it is normal for BCP to make your period lighter.

Can birth control make your period really long?

Not usually. They make then lighter and not as long.

Can antibiotics make your period lighter?

it is happening to me...hopefully it doesn't mean anything bad haha

What are seven reasons for birth control?

prevent you from getting prego regulate your period make your period lighter stops cramps helps control hormones

How do you make your periods shorter?

Using hormonal birth control - like The Pill, NuvaRing (Ortho Evra), or Mirena (IUD) should make your period shorter and lighter.

Does NuvaRing make your period lighter?

Like all combined hormonal birth control methods, NuvaRing is likely to make your period lighter and shorter.

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