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to make your period lighter, you might aswell eat healthy foods. fruits and vegetables make it a lot better for your period, and you'll feel much better about yourself.

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Q: What food makes your period lighter?
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What is the advantages of being of the pill?

it makes you have a lighter period. otherwise I'm not sure but you can ask your docter, I'm sure he will know

How do you know your period is ending?

The bleeding will get lighter and lighter towards the end of your period. bloating will decrease

What are birth control pills for?

to prevent pregnancy if taken correctly, also it can be used to ease the pain of cramps...makes the period lighter too :)

How do you get a lighter period?

Unfortunetly you cannot ):

Can amoxicillin make your period lighter?

yes it can

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What can cause lighter periods?

Birth control can help to make your period lighter, and a tad quicker.

Why only small amount of blood coming out on your menstruation period?

Simply your period is light - some women's periods are lighter than others, and everyone can have the odd period that's lighter than usual.

How much lighter is a period when you are pregnant?

u dont get ur period when u are pregnant.

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