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One of the easiest ways (although it may sound odd) would be learning to play the Trumpet or Trombone. Trumpet or trombone players have to learn to store a lot of air in their cheeks, which results in their size increasing over time. The didgeridoo might also work, however saxophones or flutes will not because they are not supposed to be played using air stored in your cheeks (however they are really good at toning up a double-chin).

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Q: How can you increase mmy cheeks without gaining weight?
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How can you have chubby cheeks without gaining weight?

You have to have a round face. Or try some blush.

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Implants or you have to add the fat.

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eat donuts.

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Many people get Botox injections to get chubby cheeks without putting on body weight. This seems to be a trend in Hollywood and many feel it makes you look younger.

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You cant really control where your body places fat. Gaining weight can increase breast size but at the expense of gaining weight in other places too

Is there a way to tone up without gaining any weight?


How do you get chubby cheeks with dimple by facial exercise?

You can get chubby cheeks by including weight gaining foods in your everyday diet... In my opinion, there aren't any facial exercise to get dimples... Hope that this information is useful... Take care

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