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no,you cannot

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Q: Can you eat sweets without gaining weight?
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What are the best foods for gaining weight?

eat lots of fried foods,&'d sweets

If you are anorexic can you eat a fat free yogurt without gaining weight?


When you eat sweets do you gain weight?

Yes you do gain weight.

How do you gain weight without eating as much?

Some wrestlers, for example, eat certain weight gaining bars to go up in weight class.

What Is The Suitable Way Of Gaining Weight?

The most suitable way of gaining weight is to eat more frequently.

How do you make your butt bigger without gaining weight anywhere else on my body?

To eat potatoes, seems to work!

What are three things you can eat without gaining weight?

Celery, lettuce, and ice. lol! besides ice, cucumber.

What is a sentence for the word paradox?

To her friends, Dana's ability to eat whatever she wants without gaining any weight is a paradox.

If you weight 97 and you want to weight 120?

eat!but dont eat cake and sweets but just eat like good stuf but alot

How can weight be gained?

Eat, eat. EAT. Did they not tell you this in school, or did your Mom not tell you to eat too many sweets?

What foods are best for gaining weight for exercise?

Most athletes are in the business of gaining weight. But with weight gaining foods is not about how much you but is more about what you eat. The most popular foods is Whey Protein and dairy products.

What is the key to gaining weight?

EAT what ever you want.... easy !!