How can a woman become loose?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: How can a woman become loose?
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What is the word for loose woman in spanish?

The word for "loose woman" in Spanish is "mujer fácil."

Does labia really becomes loose or big with age?

Yes. Over time the size and appearance of a woman's labia will change. Often times if the woman has had children the entire vaginal area will become wider and more loose with age.

How often does a women have to have sexual intercoarse until she becomes loose?

This really depends on how strong her pelvic floor muscles are. There is no exact number of times to become 'loose'. Research exercises on the 'PELVIC FLOOR' and by doing them a woman will perhaps NEVER be 'LOOSE'. i disagree, it all depends on how hard the person your having sex with goes. If they go for it like a hard bull, it will become loose soon.

What is a woman's loose dress for sleeping in?

A nightgown

Did breast get loose after sucking and squeezing?

yes.if you squeeze it a lot your breast can get loose or it become soft.its like making of flour dow,like that only its become loose..

What are the release dates for Bustin' Loose - 1987 I Am Woman 1-21?

Bustin' Loose - 1987 I Am Woman 1-21 was released on: USA: 23 April 1988

What happens if you loose a joust?

you become gay

When screws become loose after back surgery?

When screws become loose after back surgery you will need to go to the doctor immediately for another surgery. A screw fusion operation will fix the loose screws.

How a women can loose her hymen?

A woman can loose her hymen by sexual activity such as intercourse and foreplay. Also you can loose you hymen by tampons and forein objects such as chiar legs.

What does it mean if your tight or loose?

There are many slang terms for sexual innuendos. A person being tight or loose refers to the idea that a woman's vagina can be tight or loose.

When were woman allowed to become president?

A woman can become president when she runs and wins the presidency

What actors and actresses appeared in Memoirs of a So-Called Loose Woman - 2000?

The cast of Memoirs of a So-Called Loose Woman - 2000 includes: Jenica Bergere as Meadow Rain Pryor