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Q: How can a mouth be wet and throat be dry?
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Why should my dog's nose be wet?

Dogs have dry noses to protect them from the environment. A wet nose is a sign that your dog is sick. A dog with a dry nose and a wet mouth might be hot. She might be sick when a dog has a wet nose and a dry mouth. You can use Dry Dog Nose Balm from Puppington for dry nose problems.

Your throat feels dry but you have lots of saliva?

The throat may feel dry and the mouth have a lot of saliva because of a condition called the dry mouth. This is usually caused when someone is under deep depression or stress. The condition is treatable.

Keep your mouth wet feet dry?

help! i need to know the answer

Can to much saliva dry your mouth?

if you drink it it wont wet ur mouth so yes and noo

Why do you get a soar throat when you sleep with a fan on?

well you get a soar throat because the fan makes your throat dry even though you may be sleeping with your mouth closed.

Why does gum stick to your shoes but not your teeth?

because your mouth is wet and your face is dry. When gum is wet it losses stick

What are the symptoms of botulism?

Dry mouth, vomiting , sore throat, impaired vision, dizziness, paralysis.

How do you decide cold is due to excess of heat or cold?

If your nose is dry and your throat dry and sore it is heat, if you nose is dripping and wet then it's the cold.

Is water good for singing?

Yes, it keeps the throat and mouth from being dry. It is especially good for singing in the shower.

Which animal group do the mudskipper belongs to?

Mudskippers are fish. They can breathe air through their skin, mouth and throat, provided these are kept wet.

Can asthma cause your throat to burn when running?

no that is because your mouth breathing and your throat is being dried out especially in cold weather when the air is dry. It is always best to breath in threw your nose and out your mouth. Nose does a much better job warming and humidifying the air than the mouth.

What is wet but is not wet but is dry but is not dry?

Something that is damp or emptiness. These two things are not wet or dry.