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well you get a soar throat because the fan makes your throat dry even though you may be sleeping with your mouth closed.

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Q: Why do you get a soar throat when you sleep with a fan on?
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Can a fan blowing on you at night cause soar throat?

To my knowledge....yes and no. I have always been told not to. When you sleep the fan causes your throat to dry out becoming soar in the morning when you wake up. A regular soar throat is from a sickness, or putting your dirty fingers in your mouth. Same concept with the window left open.

What cause a soar throat?

salt water

Does steam help a soar throat?


How diseases or disorder affect the esophagus?

Soar throat

How did you get strep?

someone can give it to you or you could have a soar throat

Does it hurt to swallow with a soar throat?

yes it does hurt but try not to swollw i am 10 yrs old now and right now have a soar throat when you sleep you dont got to worry every time you swollow more spit come up wow and when you have a mucus it look like blood but it's not is effected you be alright after a few days

How do you cure a soar throat?

You can cure a soar throat by gurgling salt water. I'm 100% sure that it helps. Im not the person who wrote this, but it really does help. Thanks for the advice

Is calamansi can cure soar-throat?

Yes it can help your throat it's just like honey

Can marshmallows help a soar throat?

No, they will only make you fat.

What diseases occur in the esophagus?

Maybe a soar throat may be.

What did the doctor give the witch who had a soar throat?

Coffin drops!

Can sore throat cause asthma?

I don't think so because soar throat is a throat problem and asthma is an inside breathing problem.