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think of something your not scared of

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Q: How can I fall asleep when I'm so frightened?
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Can dogs legs fall asleep?

i think so

Why does Professor Layton Luke and Flora fall asleep in the carriage near the bridge on Diabolical Box?

luke layton and flora fall asleep in the carrige because when the carriges swap the molentery express wants their passangers asleep so they use flowers that make you fall asleep

Why do people count sheep?

so that they can fall asleep faster

How do you get little kids to fall asleep quickly?

They are so tired

Do you wash penis or vagina after sex or do you fall asleep with them sticky?

you fall asleep when your sticky ...... ...but i dont shower so yeah dirty boy/girl get a bath

Why are you always the last one asleep?

You are always the last person to fall asleep because you have so much on your mind.

How does Hermes get Argus to fall asleep so he can kill him?

He plays to him on his lyre.

How does Hermes get Argus to fall asleep so that he can kill him?

He plays to him on his lyre.

What causes your hand to fall asleep?

Well your hand falls asleep because the cut off of blood circulation in the blood vein. So like if you have you arm on a corner for a certain amount of time it causes your are to fall asleep.

Why do your feet tingle when they fall asleep?

your foot tingles when you fall asleep because the nerves are no longer being compressed so the feeling comes back with a prickly tingly feeling.

Why does your cat fall asleep when drinking?

Because it is so relaxed while it is drinking

Do animal body parts fall asleep like human body parts do?

No, animal body parts do not fall asleep in the same way that human body parts do. The phenomenon of "falling asleep" typically refers to the temporary loss of sensation or tingling that humans experience when a nerve is compressed. While animals may experience similar sensations if a nerve is compressed, they do not have the same concept of falling asleep as humans do.