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Q: Does the show the Voice use lip sync?
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Do you should use lip-sync technological if you are singers?

it is depends. If you are totally fine with health, voice, stuffs, then you cannot lip-sync, that's how the scandals be created and that's how people or your fans feel being cheating on, being disrespect called you a cheater and turn out hate you, becoming anti-fan. That's how the worst lip-sync can bring to you. But, if your health, voices is not good as usual, you might can use it, but the song itself has tobe sing by yourself. Or you have to dance too much in the 'live performance', you can use it, not too much, but enough.

Does Miranda Cosgrove lip sync?

Yes because she has been caught red-handed many times

Did Jennifer Lopez sing or lip sync in the movie Selena?

i think that she did lip sync just because the people viewing the movie would not get the same fell. Jennifer has an amazing voice but hers and Selena's are not the same so therefore to get the same feel and sound quality they used her original tracks. also it is a movie about Selena so why would they not use her voice.

What is a good song that sHow is off your voice?

It depends on what kind of voice you have, how you sing, how you use your voice, and how you want to show off your voice.

Does Zac Efron lip sync?

Zac Efron's voice was blended with Drew Seeley's voice for the character, Troy Bolton.Troy BoldenDefinitely not, haven't you ever heard him sing before? Listen to the soundtrack of High School Musical or Hairsprayno he doesnt. he sings, but it sounds so terrible that they used different sounds to create a better voice. in real life, he sounds just awful. believe it. its the truth.for tha'first one it was drew seeley.Yes he does.

How can an actor use their voice to show emotion?

Actors are made to show the emotions on screen. Their voice's low's and high's are used to show emotions.

How do you lip-sync on miku miku dance?

You can do it by either loading a VSQ file (MMD → facial expressions → lip-sync with .VSQ file ) or by creating one yourself by using a models moth movements.

What celebs lip sync?

The 1040 tax form may be used for business taxes in some instances. If you operate a small business as a "DBA" or sole proprietorship, use Form 1040 with a Schedule C attachment.

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Why does your voice in windows movie maker speed up and not match the picture?

Increase the size of your clips to match your narration. Use the visuals on the Time-line to tweak/sync your narration to the video clip.

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