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She uses Yves Saint Laurent lipgloss and it's a pink shimmery colour.

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Cherry lip gloss!

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Red lipstick from cover girl

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Q: What kind of lip gloss does Demi Lovato use?
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Does Demi Lovato lipsync?

okay, some ppl say tht demi lovato lip sings. but she doesnt. ok?

How do you do your make up like Demi Lovato?

Demi Lovato LOVES dramatic eyes with a nude lip,go to Youtube than search for "DEMI LOVATO MAKE UP TUTORIAL" (:

What are Demi Lovato's favorite things?

Demi Lovato's favorite things are her guitar, lip gloss (which by the way she is totally addicted to), oranges, her bff Selena Gomez, her iphone, surfing, tacos and her pets a bird named Coconut and a dog named Bailey. Oh and her favorite candies are twix and M&Ms.

When do girls start using lip gloss?

You can use lip-gloss whenever you want! I've been using lip-gloss since I was about 6. The best kind of lip gloss is Victoria's Secret ($7.50) That is the expensive kind though. You can find cheap lip-gloss at any store.

What kind of lip gloss works better?

you should use juicy couture lip gloss.

How does Demi Lovato do her make up?

Demi lovato learned to do her own makeup by watching her mom when she was little and she would put on lip liner and eye liner at the age of seven. That's how she does her own makeup. I hpoe that answered your question.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a lip gloss day?

not that i know of i researched it and there is no lip gloss day.

Is lip gloss an element?

No. Lip gloss is a heterogenous mixture of chemical compounds. Lip Gloss is not its own element and does not appear on the period table.

How many lip gloss brands are there?

There are so many like 1,000 kind.

Where can you get lip gloss?

Contributors have said: Nivea Kiss of Shine is the best lip gloss. Mentha Lip Tint is the best lip gloss.

Where do you get lil mama lip gloss?

go to then click lip gloss

How do say lip gloss in German?

It's also lip gloss in German