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Q: Does the insurance company pursue charges if unauthorized use wreck?
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Can I sue my neighbor for fraud against my insurance company?

No, since the insurance company would have been damaged by the act, not you. You have no standing to sue. On the other hand, your insurance company can sue- and can pursue criminal charges.

Can the other persons insurance cover your deductible?

Yes. That is part of your claim against them. However, if you filed with your insurance company, you gave up your right to pursue them for damages. Generally speaking, your insurance company will pursue the other party's insurance company and if the other company pays, that payme usually includes your deductible.

Will homeowner's insurance pay for mold removal of mold caused by a neighbor draining water to your property?

Your neighbor's insurance company's liabilty coverage should pay for it and your insurance company should pursue it for you

Can you sue someone for sailing you fake insurance?

I assume you are stating "selling" you fake insurance. If so, the answer is yes you can and should sue them for selling you fake insurance. The State Department of Insurance will also probably pursue criminal charges against them as well.

Does insurance company have right to pursue vandals on behalf of insured to recuperate their cost of coverage to insured?

I'm almost positive that the answer is "yes", especially if the insurance company has already reimbursed you for your losses.

Can you get arrested for using someone else's credit card?

For unauthorized possession or use, definitely. This happens every day. Be sure that if you use a family member's card for anything that it is with their knowledge. Although they might not press charges, those who accepted the card may have reason to pursue charges.

Can an insurance company get money from an uninsured driver who was at fault?

They can pursue him civilly, and the not at fault driver can also sue for damages.

What are your options if your private property was damaged by someone else during an auto accident?

file and pursue a claim or dont. If you do file , file a police report, get a copy of the report and have your property insurance company pursue the claim against the insurance company covering the party or parties involved in the auto accident

If you let your son drive a car that is titled in your name and the car is uninsured and your son is in an accident how do you handle that?

Well if your son has insurance elsewhere, the other party can pursue that insurance company (even though they don't insure your car). If he does not have insurance either, the other party can pursue you and him for damages.

Can i collect on both sides my insurance and the faulted drivers insurance i have a lien holder on my car a?

No, you can't. When you collect from your insurance company, they will pursue the other driver's insurance because the accident wasn't your fault. When your insurance company finds out that you collected from the other insurance company already, they will come after you. It's called double-dipping and it most likely wouldn't end well.

Who is the CEO of Safeco Auto Insurance?

Safeco is a national insurance company specializing in auto insurance, as well as personal liability and homeowners insurance. The CEO for the company is currently Paula Rosput Reynolds. She took over after former CEO Mike McGavick left to pursue a career in politics.

Cqan you have two insurance policies for one event?

Assuming you mean car insurance then no. After an accident an insurance company has an obligation to restore you to pre-loss condition, a concept called indemnity. Having two insurance companies will do you no good, because once you have been indemnified by one company you will no longer have grounds to pursue any further compensation from another company.