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I understand, from conversation with State Farm agents, that yes, State Farm, at least here in Colorado, does cover damage done by raccoons, even though State Farm policies may not cover damage done by "rodents" or "vermin". Raccoons are generally considered to be "wildlife" and thus, damage done by them is treated similarly to dmaage done by their distant cousins, bears.

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Q: Does state farm insurance cover raccoon damage in attic?
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Most policies do not cover rodent damages.

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They're telling us they will not because they are rodents. Raccoons are not rodents. Apparently there will be a law suit against Allstalte if they don't change their stance.

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It should look at the Allstate mayhem raccoon comercial on you-tube.

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No, you will need to look to your boat insurance to pay for damages to a boat.

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Their television commercials give the impression that they do, or at least on some of their policy offerings.

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Check with your agent. There may be some compensation for repairs, but not for ridding your home of the raccoons.

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