Does smoking affect weight gain

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Smoking tends to suppress appetites and cause you to lose weight.

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Q: Does smoking affect weight gain
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Can you gain weight while smoking?

Yes, smoking can raise your heartrate but it is still possible to gain weight if you dont eat properly or excersise

Is it true if you stop smoking cigaret make you gain weight?

Not like that. Smoking cigarette is not related to weight loose and gain.

Does the associated weight gain out weight the benefits of smoking?

benifits for smoking! your hilarious . there are no benefits for smoking unless you call murdering your lungs a benefit

Do you lose weight by smoking?

You may lose weight while smoking because instead of eating your smoking. But as soon as you quit smoking, you will gain even more weight, very quickly.So you can't rely on smoking.

Does smoking help you to lost weight?

No. You will GAIN weight. And smoking will tire you more and you will be sick and highly possible have lung cancer

How fast can you lose weight from smoking marijuana?

You don't lose weight from smoking marijuana. You gain weight because you get the munchies when high, and eat a lot.

How does tobacco affect the metabolic system?

It increases the body's metabolism. Quitting smoking therefore often has the result that people gain weight afterwards, sometimes considerably.

Do you gain wait from stopping smoking?

Many people gain weight after they quit smoking, but it's not directly from quiting. Most people who give up smoking will eat more because of cravings.

How much weight do you gain during smoking cessation?

It is not necessary to gain weight when stopping smoking. Body mass index is controlled by two primary factors -- nutrition and exercise. People who stop smoking and also improve their health habits regarding proper nutrition and exercise can become healthier / stronger/ leaner / fitter than they were as smokers. People who stop smoking but do not address nutrition and exercise -- for example people who replace smoking with eating candy or other sweets -- are very likely to gain weight as a result. If smoking was an effective means of preventing weight gain, there would be no overweight smokers!

Why do you gain weight when you quit smoking?

Smoking can cause loss of appetite. When you stop smoking your appetite will return and you will eat more often, causing weight gain. Some suggestions is to watch your diet more after you stop smoking. Exercising more after you quit can help prevent your body getting lazy.

Does smoking marijuana increase fat in your body or reduces it?

Marijuana has no effect on weight gain or loss. Most gain weight because they get hungry when there high

Does smoking cannabis gain weight?

no, that's just a rumor, you can only gain weight if you go crazy when you get the munchies and eat lots of food everytime you smoke