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Q: Does people have bad breath for no reason?
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Do people with halitosis ALWAYS have bad breath?

Yes - bad breath is the meaning of halitosis

Can bad breath be transferred by kissing?

no way or else alot of people will have bad breath and then the world will stink and what kind of question is this

Why do people with red hair have bad breath?

That is not true.

Why does your breath taste so bad after yawning?

Breath smells bad becuase people are not very smart and do not have proper dental hygene. so basically you don't brush your teeth.

How do you get people to stop thinking you have bad breath?

Make sure your breath is good (i.e. brushing, flossing, tongue-scraping, and a breath mint) and make a point of the fact until they no longer associate you with bad breath.

How many people in the world have bad breath from smoking?


Why is the reason that people invented mints?

cause your breath smell like crap do da stanky breath do da stanky breath! lolz hahaha

Does Miley Cyrus have a horrible breath?

No people now stop making rumors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can a panic attack cause bad breath?

A panic attack can cause sweating, shortness of breath (Hard to breathe), black spots in vision, racing heart and more. But, unless you were sick during a panic attack, there shouldn't be any reason for bad breath.

Why shouldn't people be allowed to carry firearms?

The same reason people shouldn't be allowed to breath.

Do you hate bad breath?

i think most people who have common sense do

Does cavities make your breath stink?

yes but very little. cavities are location where bacteria and other pathogens can reside. this causes the accumulation of polygons substances that give off a bad Oder. usually the cause of bad breath in people with cavities is that cavities are mostly found in people with bad dental hygiene- which is to itself a cause for bad breath.