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no way or else alot of people will have bad breath and then the world will stink and what kind of question is this

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Q: Can bad breath be transferred by kissing?
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What should you think if your girlfriend stop kissing you?

Either Your Breath Smells Really bad Or Are You A Bad Kisser.... Maybe Your Just Not Kissing Her Right

What it means when a man suddenly stops kissing you?

He doesn't like you. He has to sneeze, You have bad breath. You don't kiss well. It goes on and on.

If your boyfriend stops kissing you what does that mean?

you have bad breath.....lay off the onions and garlic he's just not that into you anymore.. or mad .. or sick

What might someone have that would prevent you from kissing them?

Bad breath Cold Sore Illness Facial Hair Braces Family fued answers

How do you breath when your kissing a guy?

You breath through your nose. But don't worry about it, you'll probably forget to breath anyway.

What do you do when your kissing and you have to burp?

No that is like sodigusting! Especially if your breath stinks!

Why does a girl breath hard during french kissing?

Kissing and being nervous increases the heart rate, pumping more blood which requires more oxygen... therefore you have to breath faster.

How do you prepare to kiss a girl?

While kissing normally requires very little preparation - you just do it - I do recommend good oral hygiene. Bad breath would spoil the experience.

Why does a man stop kissing his girlfriend?

One reason might be that he is cheating on her. Another possible reason is that she either has bad breath or is not very good at kissing.

What do you call somebody with bad breath?

Some one with bad breath has halitosis.

Can THC be transferred by kissing?

No. When you smoke or ingest Marijuana, most (if not all) of the THC is absorbed into the body. If it does get transferred, the amount will be so minute that it won't matter.

Why does breathing rate increase with kissing?

Because you have to hold your breath because you can't breath on someone else's face. and also you can't breath inside someone's mouth.