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Ordinarily, an auto insurance policy will require that the driver be licensed as a condition of coverage. Therefore, absent extenuating circumstances, probably not.

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Q: Does insurance pays claims for under age driver accident?
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What can you do if you are involved in an accident was not your fault and the other driver has no insurance?

if you have collision coverage file under that then your company will subrogate the uninsured driver...if no collision coverage you can file a state report, and/or small claims action.....

What is meant by insurance and types of insurance?

Third party car insurance or third party liability is also referred to as the 'act only' cover. It is a mandatory cover under the Motor Vehicles Act to ensure that the driver has adequate insurance coverage to pay for the damages resulting from an accident. The first party over here is the driver of the car, the second party is the insurance company and the third party is any person (injured or who claims damage) involved in the accident. For More

In an accident who is liable the 18 yr old driver or the parents who own the car and insurance policy?

parents if the insurance is under their names

If an insured driver under the age of 18 is involved in an accident can they claim insurance?

Of course, age doesn't matter. If you have a valid license and have a current insurance policy you can claim the accident.

How is one protected under car owners insurance when one drives and is in an accident with a party that does not have insurance?

You need to have uninsured motorist insurance as a rider on your insurance. If not you will have to sue the uninsured driver.

Will insurance pay if you allow an unlicensed driver to drive and an accident occurs?

NO. By allowing a person who is NOT a licensed driver to drive your car, you committed an offense under the state regulations, so your insurance company can refuse to pay any claims. That is not true in California. Unless the person is specifically named as excluded from the policy, the insurance company will pay up to the limits on that policy. The original question asked about an UN_LICENSED driver. I can't think of any jurisdiction where a person that doesn't have a state issued driver's permit , who has a car accident would be covered by ANY insurance company. The insurance company MUST have a clause that bans such a thing from happening.

You filed an insurance claim with Allstate their driver hit your vehicle however Allstate claims that they can not find the driver to dispute the claim?

You still could pursued the claim under the vehicle. If the vehicle that hit your is being insured by Allstate Insurance, you should be able to set up the claim under that vehicle. Allstate might try to denied your claim based on unscheduled driver but they might get your car fixed with no question ask if you have a police/accident report.

Will AARP cover a minor accident if someone else was driving your car?

ANY driver with permission to drive that car by the owner is covered under that car's insurance policy. Insurance goes with the car...not the driver.

Will insurance cover an accident if owner thought the driver had a license when let him use vehicle?

Permissive use by unlicensed driverYes, So long as the driver was not excluded by name from your policy, your insurance will pay for the claims. The unlicensed driver is not covered under your policy. Your negligence in allowing an unlicensed driver is covered under your policy. So basically, Your Insurer will be paying what is considered a negligence claim against you as the policy holder.Other AnswersNo the insurance will not cover for the accident since the person driving the vehicle did not have a driving license and the owner has given the keys to the person - permission to drive. The owner must verify that the person to whom he is giving his/her vehicle has a valid driving license.

Who is responsible for an accident the driver of the vehicle or the person who is under the insurance?

it may depend on the state, but when I was in the insurance business in Tennessee, the primary insurance on the car kicked in first, then if that insurance didn't cover the damamge (IE: insurance limits were too low, or there was no primary insuance) then the driver's insurance kicked in.

What is under insurance?

When you file an insurance claim, if you do not have enough insurance coverage, under insurance claims can be the result. Under insurance is a term used when calculating claims when the coverage is not enough and the policy has undervalued the amount insured.

Can you collect claims from your insurance and the other person?

if your accident is severe enough and the other person is underinsured - then you could collect from their insurance (must be their policy limits) and your insurance under the "underinsured coverage" or UIM - Underinsured motorist